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Tortoise SVN PowerShell helper function

Do you work from the command line? Use PowerShell? SVN?

While the SVN command line client is certainly usable, there are definitely times where a GUI is more convenient. Specifically during a commit where you want to easily check/uncheck files and view diffs.

I got tired of having to open an explorer window to get into Tortoise SVN’s commit screen so I wrote this helper function.

Put this into your profile and you can start typing tsvn commit (or just tsvn) to open the Tortoise SVN commit dialog. Enjoy!

# Helper function for opening the Tortoise SVN GUI from a PowerShell prompt.
# Put this into your PowerShell profile.
# Ensure Tortoise SVN is in your PATH (usually C:\Program Files\TortoiseSVN\bin) 
function Svn-Tortoise([string]$Command = "commit") {
  Launches TortoiseSVN with the given command.
  Opens the commit screen if no command is given.
  List of supported commands can be found at:
  TortoiseProc.exe /command:$Command /path:"$pwd"
Set-Alias tsvn "Svn-Tortoise"