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The MMA Hour - 249 - Renzo Gracie

Renzo Gracie on MMA Hour Episode 249

Renzo Gracie on MMA Hour Episode 249

I listened to the Renzo interview on MMA Hour this morning; an amazing interview. Renzo seems like a great person and several of his comments really touched me. Lots of great stories and true respect as he talks about various people and competitors. Getting exposed to people like this is one of the reasons I love BJJ. There is a strong sense of honor and respect in the community that I don’t see in my own everyday life. It’s an inspiring influence.

Just stop reading and go listen to it.

One part that stood out the most to me was when he talked about how in this country (America), “nobody wants to do.”1 He referenced a story about a woman who was raped in New York. “Fifty-two people heard her scream.” Nobody helped. “Everybody assumed, you gonna take care, not me.”

In contrast, he told about a time when he was in Brazil driving with his wife and kids and saw a guy hit a woman.

When he hit her I stopped and I jumped to beat him up. When I get there I had to save him because the mob was lynching him. And this was in the space of ten seconds.

People jumped out of their cars to get this guy. Just because he hit a woman. Renzo’s wife said, “I can’t believe, you get out to hit him and you drive him home now!” Renzo replied, “you gotta do what is right.”

When I look at myself I see more of the guy who would drive on by. I want to become the guy who stops to help.

  1. Skip to around 52 minutes into the interview for this story. ↩︎