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Greek New Testament Narrated by Theo Karvounakis

I recently discovered an excellent narration of the Greek New Testament. It is freely available for download and streaming; the links are below.

After finding these recordings on YouTube I had to dig around to find who to cite as the narrator. According to a post on Glen Scrivener’s blog, the narration is by Theo Karvounakis and the recordings are being released into the public domain by he and Matthias Müller.

The readings are from Scrivener’s Textus Receptus (1894 edition) published by the Trinitarian Bible Society, the text of which is also in the public domain.

I’ve listened to a bit from The Gospel of Matthew and The Gospel of John and the production quality is very good. Theo Karvounakis reads in a modern Greek pronunciation that is easy to understand and listen to.

The Gospel of John: A Podcast?

I’ve experimented with creating a podcast feed for these recordings so that they are easy to stream on the go. I like to listen to spoken audio in Overcast as much as possible because of the excellent Smart Speed and Voice Boost features that trim up the excess silence and enhance the audio quality so much.

I started by making a feed for The Gospel of John by uploading the MP3s to the Internet Archive and hosting the podcast RSS feed on GitHub. Use the links below to subscribe. If this is useful to you then I’d love to hear your feedback.