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Resources for Studying Zephaniah

I’ve been studying through Zephaniah recently, prompted by the recently released ESV Expository Commentary (Volume 7): Daniel–Malachi. The commentary on Zephaniah is written by Jason DeRouchie who I’ve been following since his How to Understand and Apply the Old Testament, which is fantastic.

Andy Naselli’s companion volume, How to Understand and Apply the New Testament, is equally fantastic. I read it first and I’m still working through DeRouchie’s volume.

Jason DeRouchie has taught though Zephaniah several times, including 15 lectures given to his adult Sunday School class at Bethlehem Baptist Church in the Fall of 2015. I’ve compiled the audio recordings from those lectures into a podcast feed for easy listening.

Here are some other links that I’ve found useful for studying Zephaniah: